Vote No on Proposition B

Proposition B to limit most new housing at the base of Telegraph Hill and Potrero Hill has been well-crafted by clever political players. It seems great – until you know the facts. That’s why we are asking voters to take a closer look at what it will actually do and what it will actually cost.

Proposition B requires a public vote to build almost all new housing along the waterfront, including rental and middle-income housing affordable to teachers, cops and firefighters. Even though a public vote sounds like a good idea, here are the problems:

  • While this measure protects the views of supporters on Telegraph Hill and Potrero Hill, it will dramatically slow down the production of new housing everywhere as project sponsors work to figure out how to win an endless number of ballot measures to gain public approval.
  • Once these measures go to the ballot box, environmental regulations and developer-paid contributions for affordable housing, transit, parks and schools are no longer required.
  • If a few neighborhoods like Telegraph Hill and Potrero Hill require a vote before we can build new housing, other neighborhoods will soon follow suit and require votes for new housing in their areas.
  • This is public land being left undeveloped, which means taxpayers miss out on an estimated hundreds of millions to billions of dollars. That’s a lot to pay to protect a few views.
  • Proposition B will make political consultants richer, but the rest of us will pay the price, and San Francisco will be much poorer in the process.

Proposition B sounds good – the political consultants who wrote it made sure of that – but what it will bring is less housing, not more.


“Voters need to take a close look at Proposition B. They may just find that it works against the goals it espouses. Vote no on Proposition B.”

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Don’t be fooled. Vote no on Proposition B.